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Aviation is our way of life. For nearly a century, flight has been essential to life in Ketchikan and still remains a vital part of life in Southeast Alaska.

Illustrated here, through photography and videos, are the stories and experiences of the dedicated people that keep planes running smoothly and the communities and industries that depend on them.

Special Considerations

Flight time from other regions does not equate to understanding the unpredictable conditions of Southeast Alaska. Flying here requires quick thinking and a familiarity with the landscape.

Whether in the tight Tongass Narrows, over stretches of sea, navigating between towering walls of granite, or landing on a mountain lake, this is a complex environment in which to fly. Knowing when not to fly is just as important as knowing how to fly, and good judgement goes a long way.

"Flying a floatplane is a different dimension; it helps to be a good boater."
                 - Timber Pesterfield,
                    Pilot, Carlin Air

Video inventory:

Alaska Floatplane Flying, 2004
Film by Peachey Productions, Inc.

Carlin Air Pilot Timber Pesterfield Flies Over Unuk River, 2019
Film by Ryan McHale

Floatplane Taking Off at Carroll Inlet From Fishing Boat, 2019
Film by Hayley Chambers

Floatplane Taking Off From Lake
Film by Nolan Meyer

Flight to Terrace, British Columbia, 1969

Unsung Heros

Each day, a team of personnel play a vital role behind every flight. Hours of work rolled into experience and skill, to ensure the safety and comfort of each flight. They are an integral part of aviation, an unseen seat in the cockpit, and the unsung heroes of the sky.

"Mechanics are supposed to be invisible...If we are successful, nobody knows we exist."
                - Bart Meyer,
                  Mechanic, TEMSCO Helicopters

Video inventory:

Alaska Floatplane Flying, 2004
Film by Peachey Productions, Inc.

Water Rudder During Take Off from Unuk River, 2019
Film by Ryan McHale

Water Rudder During Landing on Tongass Narrows, 2019
Film by Ryan McHale

Carlin Air Pilot Timber Pesterfield Docks a Floatplane, 2019
Film by Ryan McHale

Taquan Air Pilot Chuck Perkins Loads Fish Boxes on Floatplane, 2018
Film by Chuck Perkins

Helicopter Delivers Floatplane
Film by Nolan Meyer

Taquan Air Pilot Chuck Perkins Delivers Christmas Packages, 2017
Film by Chuck Perkins

TEMSCO Helicopter Moving Camp
Film by Miller / Jackson Family

Way of Life

"Our community relies on aviation and the future of it."
                - Ryan McCue,
                  Alaska Seaplane Tours

Whether it was bringing a logger to a float camp, a traveling nurse visiting her patients, or providing a charter to a family headed to a cabin, aviation has been a way of life in Ketchikan for nearly a century.

Over the years, aviation has been challenged to adapt to serve residents and visitors. Regardless of the changes that our community faces, there will always be the need to transport essential supplies, provide access for recreation, and support industries in their daily work. The many people involved in the aviation industry will continue to meet that demand.

Video inventory:

Grumman Goose at Billy Goat Creek Camp, 1971
Film by Mike Suiter

Piano Delivery to Pennock Island, 1971
Film by Mike Suiter

Summer - Totem Bight - Ellis Air
Film by Larry Parsons

Simpson Air Excursions
Film by Miller / Jackson Family

Into the Wind Slideshow

Featured here are some of the local aviation pioneers, floatplane operations, families, and well known characters within Ketchikan's aviation history. These photos and stories help us better record and share the experiences and individuals that make the aviation community in Ketchikan unique.

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