Into the Wind

Women in Aviation

While women have been involved with aviation since the industry's beginnings, prior to the 1970s most women were restricted to working privately or in support roles.

Women have filled a variety of roles from the earliest female pioneers flying aircraft, to maintenance technicians working on airplanes and helicopters, dispatchers disseminating weather information, air traffic controllers coordinating air and ground traffic, flight attendants, customer service and ramp agents, to leading overall operations.

Women now have full access to military and commercial cockpits, and can be found in nearly every aviation occupation. Despite these gains to equality, women are still acutely underrepresented. As of 2019, women make up less than 10% of pilots, maintenance technicians, and airline executives.

Featured here are a few of the women pilots that are pioneers locally.

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Into the Wind exhibit display - Women in AviationInto the Wind exhibit display - Women in Aviation