Instructor Student Case 2020

2020 Featured Native Arts Studies Program Instructors and Students

New pathways connect instructors and students to perpetuate artistic traditions for future generations.

Ketchikan weavers have played a vital role in the survival and revival of Northwest Coast weaving. This exhibit showcases the continuum of local weaving tradition and innovation while illustrating the heart of the Totem Heritage Center's mission of fostering the living artistic traditions of the Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian.

Traditionally, knowledge of carving, weaving and regalia was preciously guarded property handed down from master to apprentice. This system has adapted and upheld into the present day. To ensure the knowledge survives, new pathways have opened access to anyone seeking to learn these art practices.

The Center's Native Arts Studies Program has offered classes in Northwest Coast arts including carving, basketry, weaving, and regalia making since 1976. Many of the students are continuing in a family tradition, and some have taken the skills learned at the Center and gone on to build successful careers as artists. In an effort to help students succeed, the Certificate of Merit Program was developed to give recognition and accreditation for achievement in carving, weaving or regalia that could be used for further opportunities. In the true spirit of the Totem Heritage Center, many have returned to teach and help ensure that these cultural connections continue.

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Instructor Student Case 2020